scholarium is a private, tax-exempted institution founded by successful entrepreneurs and visionaries from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland eager to pass on the spark to future generations. It is one of the last remaining research centers where the original Austrian School of Economics is alive, boasting the largest library on this tradition in Europe. Our director, Rahim Taghizadegan, is not only as an economist the foremost Austrian expert on the Austrian School of Economics, but also a trained physicist and engineer (specialization in nuclear physics and complex systems), a renowned philosopher and a visionary entrepreneur. He has taught at many universities around the world, is a best-selling book author and a sought-after public speaker. As one of the last Viennese polymaths he brings together profound theory and innovative practice.

The Austrian School is frequently misunderstood as an ideological program, while it is in fact a research tradition closely linked to other traditions arising in the old Vienna – formerly one of the most important hubs of science, culture and entrepreneurship. What makes the Austrian School special is its realistic, no-nonsense approach, its philosophical scope, and its focus on entrepreneurship and the dynamics of complex systems. This research tradition in its original scope and depth cannot be studied as a college degree, because it is interdisciplinary and has to be applied to real-life, entrepreneurial decisions. It is the only economic tradition that cherishes entrepreneurship while at the same time being highly critical of the financially and politically inflated bubble economy and the concomitant inflation of bullshit.

For the real deal you have to come to Vienna, Austria, the birthplace of this tradition. It has been kept alive by Americans, but now has returned to its source and draws new life as an interdisciplinary, but down-to-earth approach that is so much more than an ideology, a college degree or a free market public policy agenda.

The scholarium is located in one of the most ancient, creative and educated parts of Vienna, close to one of the oldest universities of the world (alas, of past glories not much more than the facades has survived), neighboring a beautiful, hidden monastery where the last remaining urban monks tend to their garden and library. In a historic building with high ceilings and impeccable interiors we explore, experiment and innovate within walls adorned by one of the most spectacular private libraries of Vienna. The city is one of the capitals of old European culture, a historic center of science, art, literature, music and trade – giving us access to an ancient treasure trove of thought and creation.

Our full-time study program in the living Austrian tradition of realistic economics, philosophy and politics is currently only open to those with good command of the German language as we go to the sources and the level of material, discussions and teaching is very high. However, we offer a limited number of English-speaking participants a unique educational program in Vienna.

Real & Applied Austrian Economics

Crisis Investing – Entrepreneurship – Uncertainty Assessment

We invite you to spend two intense weeks in Vienna that might change your life. We offer a unique program to help prepare for an uncertain future, but not through brainwashing, psychobabble or motivational lectures, ebooks, guides and videos that promise some kind of bogus certainty. Based on old knowledge and new insights, you will develop an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial mindset and a clearer picture of future developments and your place within the world.


  • Investing and crisis resilience
  • Geopolitical, economic, social and entrepreneurial dynamics and scenarios – developing analytical competence without political correctness, but also without ideological bias or cynicism.
  • Entrepreneurship & contrepreneurship
  • Digital & crypto assets
  • International arbitrage and relocation
  • Austrian Psychology: unconsciousness, meaning, cognition and evolution
  • Management and motivation
  • Practical philosophy in the original tradition of Austrian Economics, Politics and Ethics: Lessons for life, investment and entrepreneurial decisions
  • cultural program (optional)

Who is it for?

People of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life are invited to attend. Usually most participants have an entrepreneurial or investment background, but top students and faculty of all disciplines may attend as well. People without prior knowledge in economics will still find value, even if they’ll be quite challenged, while professional investors, entrepreneurs, managers will still find plenty of inspiration and new ideas. All lectures and discussions are in English. Small groups allow for catering to personal interests and needs.

What is it like in Austria?

Vienna is ranked as the place with the highest quality of life worldwide and boasts unparalleled access to culture and nature and rich heritage as a center of science and entrepreneurship. Austria is famous for its magnificent, largely intact, rough nature. This is a boundless resource for knowledge and self-reliance. It is a historic center of alpinism, of seeking challenges, sharpening the senses and strengthening the body in the world's most beautiful and breathtaking training circuit toughened by elements and terrain. In Austria, ancient traditions of agriculture, horticulture, medicine and craft have survived the ages which contain amazing amounts of lost knowledge.

How much does it cost?

Only 1900€, excluding accommodation & transport. We will help you find a place to stay according to your budget. We accept precious metals, cryptocurrencies, dollars and Swiss Franc.

The next course in Real & Applied Austrian Economics will take place in February 2018 (5th–16th).

We love exploring the unknown, we love entrepreneurship, we love learning new ideas, new skills and new ways, and we love our liberty and individuality. We distrust experts, politicians, bankers, managers, journalists, teachers, venture capitalists, just as much as we distrust gurus, doomsayers, ideologues, do-gooders, hipsters, internet celebrities and trolls. Joining our program is definitely not for the weak of heart. Illusions might get shattered. If you have what it takes, book your place now – only limited places available.

We are happy to answer any questions via e-mail: